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Barton Deakin Brief - International Tax and Transparency Measures

Today the Commonwealth Treasurer, the Hon Joe Hockey MP, outlined Australia’s efforts to prevent international tax avoidance and profit shifting by multinational companies.

In a Ministerial Statement to the House of Representatives, the Treasurer articulated the Government’s three key strategies to address base erosion and profit shifting arrangements.

This Barton Deakin Brief summarises the Government’s plan to improve efficiency and transparency in Australia’s tax system.

                BD Brief: International Tax and Transparency Measures

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Barton Deakin Brief: Federal Parliamentary Sittings Calendar 2014

Today the Leader of the House, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, released the 2014 calendar of Federal Parliamentary sittings. The 2014 sittings will commence on Tuesday the 11th of February.

This Barton Deakin brief encloses that calendar.

BD Brief: Federal Parliamentary Sittings Calendar 2014

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