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Yes, you must tire of my pieces on the Credlin saga...described as a command and control freak...Abbotts Rasputin! And worse.

And my piece last year on the serious conflict of interest in her and Loughnane, husband and wife, holding next to the PM, two very senior roles with the Government and the Liberal party. Nasty!

Now poor old Phil Higginson spits the dummy. I'm not sympathetic to him. He's been in the role for over three years. Now he's discovered what was bleeding obvious in 2012... THERE IS A MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST HERE GUYS!

I was close to the scene as then Lib party President Alan Stockdale stumbled around in choosing the new Federal Treasurer. Abbott told him it was to be Higginson, from his electorate and local Abbott election fundraiser. Higginson is arrogant, oldy worldly, no good interstate contacts. I helped him meet for funds with the mining industry( yes Clive, Peter Bond, Gina et al), and others. He and Loughnane were close collaborators on all things money...no glitches seen there. Maybe after all that he has good reasons as Loughnane holds info very tightly. And if Higginson had the problems with Credlin the MPs have, it's very understandable.

But a lot of the Higginson bombshell has a lot to do with him just not getting the money in! And finding scapegoats.

But he was a CAPTAINS CALL!!!

Oh dear. Bring on the clowns.

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