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Two presenters feature successfully in business and CA programs

Kristina Keneally (left) and CEO Beverley Oconnor (right)
Kristina Keneally and Beverley Oconnor have both clearly emerged as  excellent in their program debuts on SkyNews and Abc24 recently.

Keneally, a former Premier of NSW is clearly the star of her program with former politician Ross Cameron. Keneally has a clear aptitude for the screen...she's cerebral, probing, excellent verbal skills, and, a requirement for TV always, very attractive. She should have the program on her own as the loud, boorish Cameron not a good fit.

Congratulations to Sky for programming Keneally...improving a stale anchor selection at the network,  with a talented performer. Keneally had the bad end of the NSW Premiership...when she got it the race was over after years of State Labor warfare, with scandals, corruption, musical chairs. Obeid and Tripodi et al! This program shows she would have been an excellent Premier if not at the end of a swag of failed leaders.

Beverley Oconnor was featured by us earlier this year as an excellent but much underused presenter by the ABC. She has emerged as sole anchor on THE WORLD week nights ABC24...a quality, well presented anchor who has enlivened this CA program on her own. It was dying under the heavy hand and boring commentary of Jim Middleton. Oconnor gives it light and shade, excellent verbal skills, more variety, and very good looks! One never knows with the ABC but this program has been risen from the dead by Oconnor.

For government, business and world affairs both Keneally and Oconnor are top performers.

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