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Minister for Trade and Investment - Media Release - Record Expenditure Drives Positive Outlook For Australian Tourism

The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP

29 October 2014


Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb today announced record expenditure of
$30 billion (up 7 per cent) by international visitors to Australia in 2013-14 during the 4th
Annual Tourism and Transport Forum Leadership Summit.

“This is a major vote of confidence in Australia’s tourism sector which is extremely well
placed to experience strong continued growth,” Mr Robb said.

Tourism Research Australia’s State of the Industry 2014 shows that international visitor
expenditure was led by continued strong growth from China and recovery in the UK
market. A record total of 6.1 million international visitors came to Australia in 2013-14.

“Tourism is one of Australia’s great strengths it is something we do as well as anyone
and better than most and that is reflected by the latest data. More than 929,000 jobs are
linked to tourism and its contribution to our economy is substantial,” Mr Robb said.


  • Written by Adrian

Andrew Robb and Bruce Billson - Joint Media Release - EFIC'S Renewed Focus on SMEs to Boost Jobs and Growth



Minister for Trade and Investment
Federal Member for Goldstein

Minister for Small Business
Federal Member for Dunkley

Wednesday, 8 October 2014



Australia’s Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) will be refocused to increase its capacity to
finance small and medium sized businesses seeking to capitalise on global trade opportunities.

Traditionally, SMEs find it more difficult to secure export finance through banks, particularly when exporting
to emerging markets.

Under CEO Andrew Hunter, EFIC has been focused on simpler and more streamlined credit
application processes, to reduce the time and cost of doing business with EFIC.


  • Written by Adrian

MEDIA RELEASE 2 October 2014



                                                   The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP

                                                                                                                    2 October 2014


New data released today shows the ongoing transition in our resources and energy sector,
with production increases translating into increased export volumes, Minister for Trade and
Investment Andrew Robb said.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Trade in Goods and Services data shows that Australian
metal ores and minerals exports rose 0.4 per cent (seasonally adjusted) in the month of
August to $7.3 billion. Coal exports were up 3.7 per cent to $3.2 billion.

The Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE), in its September Quarter 2014
report, forecasts Australia’s resources and energy export earnings to rise at a yearly
average of 7 per cent from 2013-14 to total $274.0 billion in 2018-19. BREE predicts that
the volume of iron ore exports will increase by 13 per cent, LNG by 13 per cent,
metallurgical coal by 2 per cent and thermal coal by 1 per cent in 2014-15.

Overall, Australian exports fell 1.5 per cent (seasonally adjusted) month-on-month in August
to $26.4 billion and imports dropped 2.5 per cent to $27.2 billion. Australia’s trade deficit
narrowed to $787 million from a revised $1.1 billion deficit in July.

Goods exports to ASEAN-10 were up 21.9 per cent in August from a year ago to $2.5
billion, and goods exports to the United States rose by 19.1 per cent to $952 million.
“Australia’s trade relationship with ASEAN continues to strengthen, with exports increasing
across ASEAN nations,” Mr Robb said.

“Australia’s exports to the United States also experienced a strong increase in a sign of
strengthening economic activity in the United States, Australia’s third largest trading partner
and our largest source of foreign direct investment.”
Trade Minister’s Office: 02 6277 7420                                    DFAT Media Liaison: 02 6261

  • Written by Adrian

Minister for Trade and Investment - Media Release - Foreign Investment in Australia Reaches $2.5 Trillion


                                                             The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP

                                                                                                                   1 October 2014


Statistics released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade today show that the total
stock of foreign investment in Australia was $2.5 trillion in 2013 – up 11.3 per cent on the
previous year – the Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb said.

The figures are contained in International Investment Australia, a new publication that
highlights the continuing importance of foreign investment to economic growth, job creation
and standards of living. The release follows Mr Robb’s recent annual Investment Statement
to the Parliament.


  • Written by Adrian

Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police on Terrorism

 Ken Lay, Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police

What are the new policing issues that have grown out of ISIS, AL QUAEDA, etc

As the Prime Minister has explained, the rise in the alert level is in line with the presence of
Australian citizens who have travelled to Syria and Iraq, those who have returned and those
who have been denied the opportunity to leave the country.

Clearly there are very small numbers of radicalised young people who hold extreme views
and that requires a substantial, state level, national and international approach to ensure
the continuing security of all.

Is social network marketing and info more important?

We are aware that social media is providing new opportunities for Australians supportive
of IS to spread their messages. This is of course a concern and increases the potential for

Victoria Police is always concerned about disengagement, particularly of vulnerable young
people. Victoria Police and partners continue to work with community leaders, and
through a range of engagement strategies to communicate with vulnerable young people,
understand their concerns, and build their confidence.

Having said that, in Victoria we pride ourselves on being a multicultural society which values,
welcomes and embraces all people of different cultures, languages and faiths.

In challenging times it is this collective commitment to multiculturalism that is critical. It’s
one of our greatest strengths as a community and it’s important that we don’t lose sight of
how valuable that strength can be.

While the federal security authorities are there to detect, what is the beat police, police
patrols etc being taught to identify?

See attached email from DC Tim Cartwright.

We are asking our people to be alert to suspicious activities. But we are also asking them
to strike the balance between being more conscious of their own safety, and engaging with
people who want to talk to us.

Do you think our airport security is effective?

The AFP are better placed to comment on this. But certainly I have confidence that they are
working with the airports to ensure appropriate security measures are in place.

Do patrols have extra specific instructions since terrorism really ramped up?

See attached email from DC Tim Cartwright

Overseas security...is information between nations improving?

This is a question better directed at the AFP. But certainly I would assure people that Victoria
Police is working very closely with our commonwealth and inter state colleagues to build our
intelligence holdings. Intelligence is the life blood of policing organisations, and by working
with our local networks, as well as those overseas, we are building comprehensive holdings
that enable us to target resources and take appropriate action.

Do you think our citizens are sufficiently aware of the threat and. 'The enemy within'

I think the recent events in Victoria, NSW and QLD have ensured this is the case. Thee
events will have made many people feel deeply unsettled but also extremely aware.

It is a dynamic and challenging security environment we find ourselves in, dealing with new
threats that stand so aggressively at odds with everything we value and stand for.

But what I would say is this. Police forces across the country are working as one with our
commonwealth security agencies.

We have well practised processes and arrangements which are tried, tested and tested
again. The information is flowing and the cooperation between agencies is outstanding.

We are developing substantial intelligence holdings, and taking affirmative action to
safeguard the public when necessary, as we saw in Sydney last week.

We are working closely with community partners to help prevent individuals from coming
under the influence of extreme groups.

What this means is that we are now better informed than we have been before on the
threats we face and those behind them, and we will continue to put our resources and
expertise into our investigations and disruption operations that will continue to keep
Victorians safe.

Victorians should go about their normal activities, should travel in the normal manner,
and enjoy our major events. They can be confident that we are well placed to identify and
address risks, to investigate concerning behaviours, and to respond to any incident .

Do you want explosives more rigorously checked at sale or at the wharf or freight

We all need to be vigilant and report suspicious activity. Control of firearms, explosives
and weapons is one way of reducing the risk. The longer term solution lies in engaging
our community, identifying people who are at risk of being radicalised, and preventing

Copy of the email sent by Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright to all station
commanders on Wednesday 24 September 204

-----Original Message-----
From: Cartwright, Tim
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 04:06 PM AUS Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Counter Terrorism advice for frontline members - to be included in station

Station commanders - we are aware that a lot of internal communications has been
disseminated over the past few days in relation to the National Terrorism Public Alert being
escalated to High. Last night's critical incident outside the Endeavour Hills Police Station
which resulted in the stabbing of two police members from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team
and the fatal shooting of a known person of interest has again reinforced the need to highlight
safety messages to our police. Investigations are on-going, but it is highly possible that there
was a premeditated plan to harm police and information coming out of ISIS / ISIL is also
urging extremists to target Australians, particularly police and military personnel.

The following information has been collated with input from command for quick and easy
reference for our frontline members. It is not an exhaustive list, of course, but designed
to assist members in performing their daily duties. Please use this messaging to brief your
members before each shift.

• You are to fully kit up when on duty, even for short trips.
• Make sure you have all the necessary equipment with you.
• If you are not OTST qualified or perform duties where you are not routinely required
to kit up, discussions should occur with your supervisors so a full risk assessment of
your role can be undertaken. Local managers will make decisions regarding options
with your safety and preparedness in mind.
• Exercise extreme caution - please stay vigilant, stay alert and stay safe. Be prepared
for anything.
• Be on the lookout for any behaviour which may be suspicious and indicate terrorist
activity - such as anti-western / anti-government graffiti, abandoned cars in public
places, suspicious packages or suspect behaviour around places of mass gathering
or critical infrastructure.
• Submit intelligence reports.
• Always conduct a thorough risk-assessment of the situation and do not hesitate to
call for backup if needed.
• This is not just a metro issue - country members and single officer patrols must
remain vigilant and consider their safety.
• If you are planning to talk to individuals with warnings against them, consider not
informing the individual in advance, if appropriate.
• Do not post anything on social media that identifies you as a police officer or
comment on the current events and terrorist activities in general. This applies to
personal accounts and the official Victoria Police social media sites.
• When approaching members of new and emerging communities, remember that they
may feel targeted or profiled by police. It is important that you explain the specific
reasons for approaching these individuals or groups.
• Take reports of racism seriously. Act on them.
• Continued community engagement is really important to reinforce the need for
inclusion and unity at this time.

Tim Cartwright APM
Deputy Commissioner, Regional Operations

  • Written by Adrian

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John Brumby 

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