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Farming for funds: How do we pay for Australian agriculture?

Australia has a globally competitive position in agricultural production. We produce high value products. But that position may not last long.

The industry needs an additional $A160 billion to fill the capital gap looming if it is to maintain its position on a high growth case. There are no easy answers as to where that capital may come from – but there are plenty of possibilities.


  • Written by Nikki Tacata

Coalition Building Better Regions

Rural, regional and remote Australia can apply for funding to build better regions under a new fund announced by Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash today.

Speaking at the Rural Press Club in Victoria, Minister Nash said the economic case for investing in Australia’s regions was clear.


  • Written by admin


A week ago, it seemed very clear that the November 8 US elections were “done and dusted” – and nothing that happened

in the last week until late on Friday suggested any change. The polls – even those which, over the last few months, have

favoured Trump – were almost unanimous in predicting an easy Clinton victory. The only question was whether her

victory would be so large that the Democrats would be able to win control of the House, as well as the Senate.

And then... I don’t want Trumpkins to get too excited – and I still think Hillary is pretty much a shoo-in. But the hoo-hah

over Anthony Weiner’s laptop could be the Hail Mary that the Trump campaign have been praying for. That said, a couple

of caveats: First, no one really seems to know what is in the ‘tens of thousands’ of Hillary -related emails that are rumoured

to have been discovered. Clearly, Huma Abedin (Mrs. Weiner as was) may be in trouble, in that she swore there were no

State Department-related emails that she had not declared to the FBI, but that doesn’t mean Hillary is necessarily

implicated. Second, the Mainstream Media (which, as Trump rightly says, is ‘in the tank’ for Hillary) is going to do its

darnedest to give her the benefit of every conceivable doubt – and to badmouth FBI Director Comey, who seems to have

found himself between a rock and a hard place. Third, even if there are confidential emails that should never have been

sent through an unencrypted server, is that really a hanging offense? After all, Colin Powell did it. And, of course, as Hillary

has pointed out, 20% of American voters have already cast their ballots – and almost all the rest have made up their minds.

So – unless (as the nuttier Alt-Right Republicans devoutly hope) there are love letters between Huma and Hillary on the

laptop – I cannot see how the latest revelations will make much difference.


  • Written by admin


The US election appears to be done-and-dusted; Trump has almost certainly talked himself out of what could have been a

sensational victory... That’s the first thing. Second, I guess, is ‘Brexit’ – and the implacable hostility that the Brits have so

far met with in Continental Europe. That said, the most significant development of last week might well have been the

press conference after the ECB’s Council meeting. Those in the media (and me) who had imagined that the ECB might

begin its own ‘taper’ programme before the end of the year were thwarted; Draghi as good as promised that the Bank will

extend its asset purchase programme for a further six months when it formally expires in March (despite reports that it is

having difficulty finding bonds to buy)...

But, aside from that, it has been a fairly quiet few days.


  • Written by admin


As far as the markets are concerned, the major events of the last week have probably been:

- the continued implosion of Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy in the US – which has now raised the

serious possibility that the Republicans could lose control of the House, as well as of the Senate;


  • Written by admin

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