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Our Wake Up Ladies Excel

We all wake up to morning television...our first taste of the night overseas and the day ahead in Australia. It's a very professional television personality who can cope, get your attention...whatever the extremes of news...and being able to cope with the time zones...6-8 serious stuff...8-9 lighter less taxing material.
We've chosen the best ladies on Australia's morning breakfasts...

Beverley OConnor
Beverley OConnor...good interviewer, partners very well, handles the time zones excellently, not confrontational and over opinionated like Virginia Trioli, looks great. ABC have a winner here.
Samantha Armytage
Samantha Armytage...engaging smile, doesnt compete with the male presenter, smooth, feminine, strong, good repartee...has done so well working in with David Koch...
Koch on 7 is excellent over the years, and Stefanovic an acquired taste on 9. Lisa Wilkinson is very good but not nearly as good as Armytage and OConnor.
These ladies lead morning television...politics and business served up in style.

Government Australia Advisory Board

Simon Crean MP

John Brumby 

Kristina Keneally

Mark Vaile

Nick Greiner

Alexander Downer

Peter Charlton

Trevor Rowe

Warwick Smith


Bob Carr