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Tony Abbott first deeds

Tony Abbott

We list the PMs hit list for CHANGE! Of course it's our list but here are the human barnacles to be scrapped and performance warnings to others, to show he is changing to circumstances that scream out for change!


Peta Credlin

Peta Credlin...outski! , a very destructive force in the PMs office as chief of staff. We've been outlining her impossible command and control efforts for a year now...see previous editorials from us.

Kevin Andrews

Kevin Andrews...very ineffective Minister, again as we pointed out regularly...he's a dinosaur in an important portfolio...to the backbench!

Eric Abetz

Eric Abetz...a very inadequate leader of the Senate. Irritating oratory, but that's not a hanging offence. He is very ordinary and his inability to be able to work the crossbenchers telling. Who can forget the ALPs Sam Dastayari moving and helping Jacquie Lambie to be an Independent senator, out of PUP. Abetz nowhere to be seen! Another crossbencher lost!


Christopher Pyne

Christopher Pyne...get your Universities funding bill agreed by the crossbenchers!

George Brandis

George Brandis...stop digressions and blah blah, get the security agencies up to scratch quick smart. We are obviously not up to scratch on terrorism intelligence...the Man Monis saga and tragedy in Martin Place a bad slip by Asio.

Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey...you've got until the May budget to get it right Joe...otherwise it's Defence for you.



Malcolm Turnbull

If Joe Hockey can't make it, Malcolm Turnbull made Treasurer by mid year. 'Keep your enemies closer'!!!

Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher becomes Communications Minister. Very experienced in this field.

Arthur Sinodinos

Arthur Sinodinos to Finance Minister...none better qualified

Mathias Corman

Mathias Corman to leader in the Senate and Education Minister. Good presence, can negotiate with crossbenchers.

Christopher Pyne to Defence! That would shore up the Adelaide vote.



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