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Lynton Crosby Strategic Triumph

David Cameron victory shines a light on Crosby
Former John Howard strategist shines brightly over Toryland and Britain, as his strategies for Cameron and the Tories, win a sweeping victory.

When asked who was the superior strategist and tactician for the Liberals in Australia...Crosby or Brian Loughnane, the resounding answer was Crosby...and this from those very close to the scene in Liberaland!

Crosby is head and shoulders above Loughnane we are told by those members very close to the scene. 'We never had the mess with Lynton we now have with the Loughnane, Credlin, Higginson trio'...and Crosby strategised the first Howard win, and followed with the classic GST win over Beasley...going to the polls with a new tax and winning!

  • Written by Nikki Tacata

'Australia's Major fumble for a new global Industry'

It was 1988-1989 and Premier Nick Greiner led a delegation of Aussie Banks, the ASX, SFE, and corporates to promote Sydney as a financial centre, in forums in New York, London, and Tokyo. It was carried on later with his successor Premier John Fahey.

I conceived the concept, and organised well known Australians, Jim Wolfensohn and Rupert Murdoch to support by speaking, and Governor of the RBA, Bernie Fraser as well.

It lapsed under Bob Carrs Premiership, but I revived it when John Howard became PM. I took a delegation of the 4 majors, credit cards, ASX, SFE, MacQuarie, to Canberra to urge the new Howard Government to push the concept along, for Australia. 

With Arthur Sinodinos alongside Howard acknowledged the existence of a strong and well educated banking and finance intelligentsia, good practice, Australia's strategic position between Wall Street close and Tokyo opening et al.

Howard acted and formed a cabinet position, Financial Services, and made a minister responsible...JOE HOCKEY!

Fast forward to now. What happened?

Joe lost the plot. Achieved nothing.

Axiss was created and buried by Treasury eventually in a classic NIH manoeuvre( not invented here.)

Mark Johnson was given the role in pushing our global finance prowess...his achievements...nothing, just nothing!

In 1988-1996 Singapore, Hong Kong a fraction what they are now. Shanghai and China way back in real terms.

The ASX/SFE plan to roll out in Asia dissolved in dust!

A very good and sound idea to build Asian leadership by Australia in a sector using our human abilities lost in apathy, poor ministerial leadership, and the wrong businessman chosen to gun it along.

'Dont cry for me Australia...the truth is you've been let down by some of your current leaders'
  • Written by Nikki Tacata



David's retirement from Telstra last Thursday is highlighted by his huge performance.

He took over from a broken senior management structure...the then CEO Sol Trujillo had wrecked Telstras ambition, and government relations. As had his other Mexican/American compadres. The Australian chairman, Donald McGauchie, isolated by his bad decisions.

Thodey was the only decent alternative left in the Telstra hierarchy. He succeeded.

In concert with new Chair, Catherine Livingstone, he rebuilt confidence, teamwork, cohesion and belief. He was a straight shooter, honourable, good negotiator, believable. This amalgam rebuilt the giant. Over his tenure he restored Government relations dramatically, secured enormous payout for their network, doubled the shareprice, built into Asia, restored belief and competition in his teams. Outstanding.

We knew him well, and respect how he got Telstra back into the game, because it was a broken reed after Trujillo( who disliked Australia),

Thodeys successor, Andy Penn, has BIG shoes to fill... We hope he can do well, and keep that BIG ego under control!

  • Written by Nikki Tacata

'Only 15 days into the year and another day of bungles'

Susan Ley awful start, kills off good news on employment, and insurance payout for terror hostages'

We presume it's the PMs office who would coordinate announcements. The employment figures were the big plus, for the Governments economic strategy, and Joe Hockeys hostage insurance payouts too...surely to be timed to go out on their own for maximum exposure...but no...this fumbling Government gave new Health Minister Susan Ley the nod to announce the abandonment of the $20 fee for doctors visits surcharge AT THE SAME TIME!!! 

Whether Ley bungled the issue or inherited it,it killed off the good rise in full employment figures.

OH DEAR OH DEAR! Another field day for Bill Shorten!

  • Written by Adrian

Troubled start for Government

We've reported it all last year but Joe Aston in the AFR drilled into it. Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott very strained relations...the latest caused by the demotion, without her knowledge of her parliamentary secretary, Brett Mason. It added to a line of stresses from Bishop being 'chaperoned 'to the Lima climate conference, to internal ructions between the two.

Not a good look!

Once again our information from the best of sources is that Peta Credlin( photo) orchestrated it all. True to form.

So Abbott has Turnbull, Bishop, Johnstone, Bernardi, and probably most backbenchers with margins under 3% ranged against him.

Here's hoping for a better year Tony and Peta!


  • Written by Adrian

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