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'Only 15 days into the year and another day of bungles'

Susan Ley awful start, kills off good news on employment, and insurance payout for terror hostages'

We presume it's the PMs office who would coordinate announcements. The employment figures were the big plus, for the Governments economic strategy, and Joe Hockeys hostage insurance payouts too...surely to be timed to go out on their own for maximum exposure...but no...this fumbling Government gave new Health Minister Susan Ley the nod to announce the abandonment of the $20 fee for doctors visits surcharge AT THE SAME TIME!!! 

Whether Ley bungled the issue or inherited it,it killed off the good rise in full employment figures.

OH DEAR OH DEAR! Another field day for Bill Shorten!

Government Australia Advisory Board

Simon Crean MP

John Brumby 

Kristina Keneally

Mark Vaile

Nick Greiner

Alexander Downer

Peter Charlton

Trevor Rowe

Warwick Smith


Bob Carr