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David's retirement from Telstra last Thursday is highlighted by his huge performance.

He took over from a broken senior management structure...the then CEO Sol Trujillo had wrecked Telstras ambition, and government relations. As had his other Mexican/American compadres. The Australian chairman, Donald McGauchie, isolated by his bad decisions.

Thodey was the only decent alternative left in the Telstra hierarchy. He succeeded.

In concert with new Chair, Catherine Livingstone, he rebuilt confidence, teamwork, cohesion and belief. He was a straight shooter, honourable, good negotiator, believable. This amalgam rebuilt the giant. Over his tenure he restored Government relations dramatically, secured enormous payout for their network, doubled the shareprice, built into Asia, restored belief and competition in his teams. Outstanding.

We knew him well, and respect how he got Telstra back into the game, because it was a broken reed after Trujillo( who disliked Australia),

Thodeys successor, Andy Penn, has BIG shoes to fill... We hope he can do well, and keep that BIG ego under control!

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