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Lynton Crosby Strategic Triumph

David Cameron victory shines a light on Crosby
Former John Howard strategist shines brightly over Toryland and Britain, as his strategies for Cameron and the Tories, win a sweeping victory.

When asked who was the superior strategist and tactician for the Liberals in Australia...Crosby or Brian Loughnane, the resounding answer was Crosby...and this from those very close to the scene in Liberaland!

Crosby is head and shoulders above Loughnane we are told by those members very close to the scene. 'We never had the mess with Lynton we now have with the Loughnane, Credlin, Higginson trio'...and Crosby strategised the first Howard win, and followed with the classic GST win over Beasley...going to the polls with a new tax and winning!

Government Australia Advisory Board

Simon Crean MP

John Brumby 

Kristina Keneally

Mark Vaile

Nick Greiner

Alexander Downer

Peter Charlton

Trevor Rowe

Warwick Smith


Bob Carr