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Federal Liberals and Loughnane likely to front ICAC

 Brian Loughnane(left) and Kristina Keneally (right)

The saga of liberal and labor NSW politicians flouting state donation laws and worse may spread to ICAC asking to interview Federal Liberal Director, Brian Loughnane.

Though no Federal donation laws seem implicated the ICAC are wanting to ask for the mechanism of property developers in NSW having their donations 'Washed' through the Federal accounts and back to the state. It will be a difficult time for  Loughnane as few  escape ICAC without a bruising at best! In fact Kristina Keneally seems the only one! Just ask Arthur Sinodinos!


  • Written by Adrian

The Opposition best and worst performers

Having listed the Governments best and worst here are our lists for the Labour Opposition'

The Best

Bill Shorten

Leader Shorten has been good...measured, outraged, probing. It's a difficult role coming off the Gillard/ Rudd epic snafus but he deserves credit for Labor leading in the polls... Whether its due to the poor start by PM Abbott or return of voters to a better Labour. If he keeps this up for the next two years, and avoids internal problems in year 3, he has a good chance of getting them back into Government.

Tanaya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek...a very good performer, considerable talent, good debater( made mince meat of current Health Minister Dutton last August). Look good. Women like her, and men too. She and Shorten look good together in Parliament.

Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese...has great knowledge of Government, was one of only a handful of Ministers in the Rudd/Gillard debacle era, who performed. His Qantas utterances this week spot on...made Deputy PM Warren Truss look and sound  like a 1960s Country party member.

Tony Burke

Tony Burke...making a good fist of leader of the house conflicting with Bronwyn...which is easy to do.

The Worst performers

Stephen Conroy

Stephen Conroy...he left them with a hospital pass with the NBN...and then stopped Shorten well aimed critiques at Immigration Minister Morrison, with his absurd accusations in Senate estimates this week which transferred debate focus away from Morrison onto Conroy. The opposition lost the momentum, and backward stepped to having defend the army!

Senator Doug Cameron

Senator Doug Cameron...a Dinosaur of politics in the 21st century...no more can be said!

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Qantas disasters lead to one clear thing



An airline leader... Ran British, Cathay and Ansett so well
Knows aviation
Good with employees
Good with the markets...he would bring back a premium for respect in the industry and investors
An excellent strategist

Too many ex miners and bankers on the Qantas board...not ONE  with meaningful global airline management experience.

Investors, staff, Government demand the change necessary to build respect and achievement at Qantas again...


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We serve up two opinions for the readers of Government

John Coates


John Coates has run the AOC for a long time...Unhindered, without real review, a monarchy in shape and performance. Yet Taxpayers and Government money tip in continually. It's time for the REFRESH button. The Sochi Olympics and the underperformance of Australia(AGAIN!) demand it. Two bad Games for Australia demand fresh blood. London was a bad games, Sochi too.


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We pick our best and worst performers

Here are our picks for the first four months of the new Abbott Government.

The best

Treasurer, Joe Hockey. Inherited the proverbial ' ..it' sandwich from Wayne Swann and Chris Bowen but hit the road running...has been productive and disciplined to the distress of other Ministers, notably Ian Macfarlane. Has gunned treasury and the cabinet into resolve. Media like him.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister is doing the job with style and focus. She looks great which helps but she and DFAT are together. DFAT very happy after years of difficulty wih blabber mouth Bob Carr and before that weak Stephen Smith, and PM Rudd who Successfully antagonised India and Japan in his first month! Bishop handling the sticky Indonesian situation very well, and the UN, China and the USA. She's had the hardest set of issues in the first four months of any Australian Foreign Minister in peacetime!

Arthur Sinodinos, Assistant Treasurer. Quiet, efficient, knowledgable and hardworking. The role he has is productive and he's very good at it. The media, particularly the AFR, like him and give good space to him. Promotion to inner cabinet inevitable in 18-24 months.

Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister. He's achieved the no boat policy despite Indonesia being deliberately recalcitrant. Pugnacious and strong he's done it and working in well with defence. Media dislike him because he put the shutters up on daily comment that in the end ate up Labours immigration Ministers like Bowen or OConnor. Gutsy operator.

Andrew Robb, Trade Minister. A very good and planned performance. He's knowledgable and getting runs on the board. Quiet but very effective with a policy Trade bureaucrats understand. He's no charismatic Trade figure but likeable which counts for a lot in negotiations.

The under performers.

PM Tony Abbott. The spy scandal with Indonesia no fault of his( what on earth is USA security doing about mending this...the Snowden leaks dumped Australia right into the pooh pooh) but he should've rung SBY and apologised. Simple. It didn't happen on his watch. But he made it worse by not so doing. And his Asia tour where he called every nation  'Australias best friend' was awkward...gawky. He's a good man Abbott but needs to lift. MUST use G20 as a great forum for a great message to the world...get better speech writers quickly!

Malcolm Turnbull, Communications Minister. Yes he inherited an absolute mess no doubt from the worst Minister in any Government since Whitlam! But where are we heading...no one knows. Needs a success so privatise Australia Post and stop the faffing around.

Greg Hunt, Environment Minister. Earnest but policy seems incoherent.

Peter Dutton, Health Minister.
His pre election debate with Tanya Plibersek a shocker! No better since it seems. His portfolio quiet, needs to get with Minister Cormann quickly and sell Medibank Private. And really bone up on the Health portfolio.

  • Written by Nikki Tacata

Government Australia Advisory Board

Simon Crean MP

John Brumby 

Kristina Keneally

Mark Vaile

Nick Greiner

Alexander Downer

Peter Charlton

Trevor Rowe

Warwick Smith


Bob Carr