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TROUBLED Malaysia airlines have had two horrible incidents, and now Air Asia ends a very bad year  for Malaysia.

WE SAW MALAYSIA AIRLINES STRUGGLE AND FAIL TO HANDLE suitably the disappearance of Mh370, and then explain what on earth MH17 was doing flying over the Ukraine...a war zone...given wide berth by other airlines, British, Qantas, Emirates and Cathay among them.

Now financially troubled AirAsia loses an A320 now! Whether downed by a storm, or in the disappearance category of MH370, too early to tell. But it's Malaysian, and they're really struggling as a national aviation country. 

Also their government and aviation minister are paralysed. Just like the first two days of the MH370 disappearance. PM Razak, brought home yesterday to confront the north East Malaysia flood crisis, has a very damaged airline industry to confront. 

Leading aviation figures say MH370 was a suicide act by the pilot. MH17 should never have been over the Ukraine.

Now AirAsia is lost. No warnings, SOS or anything. Another pilot suicide like Silk Air several years ago? If so it's a nasty fashion emerging in Asia piloting.

Air Asia may not survive this.

PM Razak needs to get an injection of top global talent into his airlines and departments to restore faith and respect.. Not Malaysian talent. People like Sir Rod Eddington to right a sinking aviation industry.

Very Quickly.

  • Written by Adrian

Abbotts cabinet changes 'too little too late'?

It was a lacklustre set of changes the PM announced yesterday. A few highlights but much which showed the ordinariness of the front bench. They will need a wizard performance in. 2015 to turn the polls around particularly Tony Abbott. Here's our view of some of them...

These are OK!

Susan Ley photo....new Health Minister...has got to be better than the plodding Dutton!

Josh Frydenberg...photo.....new Assistant Treasurer...he's no Sinodinos for skill or knowledge but will look good with the Treasurer really struggling!

Scott Morrison...photo...By far the best performer in Cabinet...probably the only one with real policy success.

These are NOT

David Johnston...photo...we thought he might have survived but the media got him!
he gets DEFENCE! You've got to be kidding! We described him as a dinosaur and he will bring that to the Defence table! Oh My, poor defence dept. they not only deserve but need better.

The rest are parliamentary secretaries and the like.

So it leaves Joe Hockey intact, the biggest under performer of all...it leaves Brandis with National Security when it should have gone to Morrison at border security,who would pursue Asio and AFP stringently after the Martin place siege debacle from Intelligence.
It loses the best Economics mind in cabinet, Arthur Sinodinos, completely.

It hasn't altered much if anything. Look out for messy problems emerging with these portfolios...

National security... We are far behind in tracking the cyber crime, IS and other death cults, and more. It needs someone cracking the whip over Asio and AFP. They got a big budget increase so use it!
Immigration...Morrison left a successful policy on boat people, Dutton is not made of the same stuff.
Economics...Joe Hockey remains and is seen as a 'busted arse '...watch out for major problems

  • Written by Adrian

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  • Written by Adrian




Peta Credlin

Tony Abbotts Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin, is increasingly the target for frustrated government backbenchers,  and some senior ministers, who are talking to us!

Descriptive phrases such as...

She's a command and control freak! (A backbencher)

Peta is Abbotts Rasputin! ( a senior Minister)

They're joined at the hip! ( senior DFAT official )

It's obvious the PM is operationally close to her. The Australian front page today(dec.6) on Hockey's problems with the PMs office  is sheeted home to Credlin; as well as Malcolm Turnbulls annoyance over the year, plus  many others. Senator Ian MacDonald put Credlin issues on the record earlier this year. 

And worse!

So what to do? Abbott is obviously tied to her. Open revolt is looming. As we forecast in our ' Headlines of 2015', if Abbott is as far behind in the polls , as he is now, in 12 months time or less he's gone...Credlin with him! Can Tony recover...improve...get budgets through...govern well....secure his team...get a break of luck with better economic figures...don't bet on it folks. Malcolm's support base is growing daily in the party. And Peta Credlin knows it!



  • Written by Adrian


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